Mtatsminda (holy mountain) is praised by many as one of the main attractions in Tbilisi. It’s safe to say it is a must when spending time in Tbilisi. But let me tell you why even to me, a sceptic of roller coasters and anything that moves too fast, it was an unforgettable experience.

While brainstorming activities for the 20th birthday of my friend Mary in Tbilisi, I remembered I hadn’t yet been there despite having heard a lot about it and actually, that was the only reason I suggested it. My boyfriend already got excited about the Ghost Castle (or in his words “scary house”), Mary agreed immediately and I was hoping there would be one or two attractions I could participate in.

Even though I knew the park was situated on a hill or mountain, I didn’t expect it to be that high. The view from the taxi was already breathtaking and I couldn’t help thinking there were few cities with such a wonderful natural viewpoint. And if that is not high enough to you, remember there is a massive ferris wheel that will get you even closer to the clouds.

After we arrived and put credit on our cards made especially for the park, the first aim was the Ghost Castle. I was very reluctant, but they just dragged me with them and while waiting in a cage-like car for the ride to begin I was already regretting it. Clutching the metal bar in front of me firmly, I hoped for the best and the ride began. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but let me say that some things are really funny, but other puppets and scenes are really interesting, surprising and a little scary. We gave a thumbs-up to the guy running the attraction and went on.

The second – and admittedly the best ride – was the water slide. We were sort of worried about getting wet, but it was a hot and sunny day, so we jumped inside the wooden log. The first slide looked harmless, nicely arched, not too high, but it is actually the one that gets you wet. Soaking, dripping wet right up to your underwear. For someone not used to roller coasters and slides only going down was already a thrill. But the real specialty is the feeling when you hit the water. The second slide was amazing, it made us scream and thankfully didn’t soak us once again.

Right afterwards, we took pictures in the photo booth which was sort of difficult to operate. We waited for it to start but it had already taken the pictures without us noticing and we ended up with this:


I guess it was still worth the 4 Lari!

To dry, we walked around, admired the view from the ferris wheel’s foot, took pictures and enjoyed the sun. The last attraction we took part in was Tutanchamun’s House of Mirrors (or so). I was still traumatized from the one time I got lost in a mirror maze in Munich when I was eleven and ended up crying. Thus I had strong objections to going in. But as it was the last attraction that was open and suitable for (almost-) adults, I gave in. The staff were funny and friendly, showed off their German skills and I calmed, seeing that I would not be alone in there. Actually, it was great fun to be confused by the many different versions of your friends and yourself, wondering which one was the real person and whom to follow. The way was not hard to find, but the reflections and lights made us want to stay longer. Laughter at the whole situation paired with small moments of shock when you lose someone made for the perfect attraction.

One last advice from my side: Don’t take a taxi back, take the cute little train going down the hill. It’s only 2 Lari and can also be considered as an attraction, if you’re a very enthusiastic person (like me). The view is even more stunning when you slowly move towards it and you might be able to amaze your Instagram followers with a sped-up video of the trip!


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